Our fleet

To serve you better, ADA Dominican Republic, French Rent a Car Company, proposes a wide range of recent vehicles to suit all your wishes and all your needs ranging from small city cars to big family all roads 7 places through the best quality and price ratio car to visit the island: the Renault Duster.

To ensure its customers safety, the ADA Dominican Republic fleet is systematicaly full risk insurance included.

Véhicule citadine catégorie A - ADA Saint Domingue
City cars
Compact cars - ADA Santo Domingo
Compact cars
All roads economic - ADA Saint Domingue
All roads
Véhicule Duster ADA République Dominicaine
All roads
Duster Manual
Véhicule tout chemin Renault Duster Auto - ADA République Dominicaine
All roads
Duster Auto
Véhicules Mitsubishi Nativa - ADA République Dominicaine
4wd Family Van
7 seats
Véhicule tout terrain Toyota FJ Cruiser - ADA République Dominicaine
4wd Sports off road

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